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Student Support Team » Chestnut Ridge Elementary Student Support Team

Chestnut Ridge Elementary Student Support Team

What is SST?
When a student struggles academically, emotionally, or behaviorally, they can be referred to SST-
Student Support Team. Referrals can be made by teachers or parents. Once referred, a meeting is set
up that includes any person who works with the student. This may be a parent, classroom teacher,
guidance counselor, reading or math intervention teacher, nurse, principal, speech teacher, OT/PT, or
even outside agencies.
Information is presented from all parties and ideas are brainstormed to help the student become more
successful. Interventions are documented on a plan. Follow-up meetings are then planned throughout
the year to check the progress of the child and to re-adjust the intervention plan if needed.
Interventions may include in-class accommodations, extra support from intervention teachers or aides,
in-school services such as speech or OT, referral to the guidance counselor, a behavior plan, or
recommendation for a school-based evaluation to access learning or emotional support. Sometimes
outside resources such as a behavioral health agency/counseling services are recommended.

For more information, please contact, Elementary School Guidance Counselor, Elisabeth Emerick via phone at (814) 839-4195 ext. 4444 or email at [email protected].