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PreK Program » Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-Kindergarten Program

The Chestnut Ridge School District is excited to have a PreK program. Our PreK classes are part of Former Governor Rendell’s early childhood initiative. Chestnut Ridge School District is one of the original programs deemed worthy of Rendell’s 73 million dollar Pre K Counts program. The classrooms opened their doors in October 2007. District PreK  classrooms are located at Central Elementary.

The Pre K Counts funding allows the district to provide a high quality preschool experience for thirty-four 4 year olds. Pre K Counts guidance allows students that do not live in the Chestnut Ridge School District to attend PreK in the district. Students enrolled in Pre K Counts meet income eligibility guidelines. 


Mission Statement


The mission of the Chestnut Ridge PreK Program is to provide a safe, creative environment where each child’s incredible capacity to learn is nurtured through play, kindness, patience and courtesy.




Our goals are to have an active partnership between family and school to develop the social, intellectual, physical and emotional skills necessary for our children’s success.
  • The program will provide activities that foster meaningful interaction between teachers, parents, their children and others.

  • The program and the environment will be structured to develop individuality, creativity and thinking skills in each child based on the Early Learning Standards.

  • The program will provide the structure, environment and modeling necessary for preschool children to acquire age appropriate social skills.

  • The program will develop in each child the skills that encourage good health habits, personal responsibility and safety awareness.

  • The program will develop in each child the skills that encourage independence, self worth, confidence, and self control.

Technology Statement

The program recognizes the rapidly changing digital age in which we live. Technology can be a positive and powerful tool in which children can use to gain information. Children will be provided the opportunity to develop technology handling skills to increase their early digital literacy. Technology is viewed as a method to support the growth of a child’s social, academic, motor, and language skills, without replacing interactions with peers and teachers. The program views technology as a collaborative process between the teacher, family, and child.

General Information about PreK

  • Chestnut Ridge PreK has earned high quality ratings from the Office of Child Development and Early Learning. According to the state evaluation or Program Review Instrument, Chestnut Ridge has earned a **PERFECT/Exemplary** score for the past 6 years (2016-2022).
  • Both teachers have teaching certificates in Early Childhood Education and Master's Degrees.
  • Paraprofessionals have many years of experience working with young children.
  • Our teacher/child ratio surpasses the 1:10 state mandated ratio with a 3rd paraprofessional floating throughout the PreK program.
  • Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards are used when planning lessons.
  • Free health, dental, vision, and hearing screenings are provided.  
  • A nurse is available every day to provide health services.
  • Students must be 4 years of age on September 1, 2023.
  • PreK sessions are all day for 5 days a week.  
  • PreK is in session for 180 days and follows the calendar of the Chestnut Ridge School District.  Approximately 4 additional student days are added to the calendar and are announced in advance.  These days will be virtual.  
  • You do not need to be a resident of the Chestnut Ridge School District for your child to attend PreK at Ridge. If a waitlist occurs, Ridge students take priority over non-district residents.  (See enrollment policy for details.)
  • All district PreK classrooms are at Central Elementary.
  • GENEROUS income guidelines are used.  
  • Transportation is provided to and from school.
  • Nutritious breakfasts and lunches are provided daily.
  • Opportunities for parent involvement are provided and encouraged.