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Read what alumni PreK parents have to say about Chestnut Ridge Pre-K

I have had 2 children attend the preschool program at Chestnut Ridge. The social skills alone that they have learned have been priceless. The teachers and administration have always been available and helpful. My next 2 children will attend in the future, and I look forward to it!

 ~ An alumni PreK parent


Although I'm a grandmother, I can't praise the PreK program enough!  Each child is taught with their individual needs met by the most patient and understanding teachers that I have ever met!

~Lori Deneen, PreK Grandma


The Pre K Counts Program located at Chestnut Ridge School District was a solid foundation for my two children. The both learned so much to help their transition smoothly into Kindergarten. The staff went above and beyond to make sure that the children learn, have fun and are also safe.
~Caryn Bollman, alumni parent
Our experience with the PreK program has been "life changing" as our family calls it. Before school at Central, my daughter struggled socially with other kids her age, enjoyed her alone time a little too much, and was very attached. Now, she comes home everyday with numerous stories about her friends, tells us all of the fun things she does throughout the day, and continues to strive more independently. I am comforted in knowing that she will be successful in her upcoming educational year due to this awesome program! #teamkissell
~Karlie Smith, PreK Parent
We also felt that out son was well prepared to move into Kindergarten. Because the Pre K and Kindergarten teachers work together and communicate, they are on the same page, state what is continued in Kindergarten (for example: Kid Writing). He also entered Kindergarten knowing his letter and some sounds, which is a great jump start in Kindergarten.


Overall the preschool experience was very positive. The children are taught to the Pa Standards and are given a good solid start to start their education.

~  Alumni Pre-K parents


Preschool has been a great experience for both my preschoolers. It has helped with their social skills, they are writing their names, identifying letters and numbers, are self sufficient, zipping, buttoning and hygiene skills. I truly believe it will help them as they enter kindergarten to be prepared and ready.

~ Sheila Beal, alumni parent


Through his preschool experience, my child is making friends and learning how to help and care for others. He is excited to come home and tell me about his day. He is anxious to grow academically because he has seen how much fun it is to learn new things. I know my child is making great strides socially, emotionally, and academically in the Chestnut Ridge Preschool Program because the teachers love him and treat him like he is one of their own.

~ Kendra Pritchett, alumni parent